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The Four Things You Need To Do Between Tax Seasons

We seem to spend the months leading up to the dreaded mid-April tax deadline preparing for the IRS and the state to tell us whether they want a piece of our savings or not.  But once tax season is over, then what? How can we make sure that we’re taking care of our money with as much diligence throughout the year as we do when it’s tax time?

Let’s look at four things you can start right now, before it’s time to face our taxes again:

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Yes, Please! Five Ways To Spring Clean Your Finances

You wouldn’t know it if you live in the path of the recent Nor’easter, but Spring has sprung! And with the promised sunshine on the way, what better time to start reviewing your finances so that you'll be set for the rest of the year.  

The warmer weather will have you ready to head to brunches, happy hours, and maybe even a shopping trip or two (or four), but wait! Before you start spending, you should take a step back to see a big picture of your finances.

Keep reading to learn five things you can do TODAY (without spending a dime) to get control of your finances. 

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Let's Have An Honest Conversation About Money

I have a confession to make. I have a love/hate relationship with money. Maybe I should be more clear. I love spending money on experiences like traveling, happy hour, and balling out on Starbucks coffee during the workweek but I hate the way my checking account looks at the end of the month. 

Sometimes it interferes with my relationships, my performance at work, and my energy levels (which makes working out and running feel like a chore even though it’s a stress reliever). Just looking at my monthly student loan statements makes me want to crawl into a box. 

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