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5 Reasons We're Excited about the Runner's World Half & Festival

A few months ago, we posted a list of upcoming fall races that you should look out for. If you're still looking for a fall 5K, 10K, half-marathon or trail race, you may be interested in the Runner's World Half & Festival kicking off in Bethlehem, PA on October 20, 2017. 

We're excited to announce that all City Fit Girls receive a discount on their race entry fee! If that's not enough to get you excited about the race, check out our 5 reasons to get excited.  

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City Fit Girls Run Club February Schedule

Hey City Fit Girls! Spring race season is coming and we want to help you get ready. Browse our website for details about upcoming run clubs in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia!

City Fit Girls’ group runs are open to all levels and all paces.  Read on to see our February 2016 schedule, upcoming races in your city, and more!

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Why Setting Goals Are Important For Your Training [With Kristen O'Connell]

What happens when you don't quite reach a goal you set out to achieve? You come back stronger than ever. That's exactly what Kristen O'Connell did after falling short of her goal, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2014.

We caught up with Kristen to discuss her plans for 2016, her tips for new runners, and her "must-have" running gear and gadgets for training.

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5 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Running In Cold Weather

Winter is finally here. We told you that temps would be dropping and that you should prepare yourself for winter running. YES, winter running! You've run (or wanted to run) all year long, why stop now? Because it's cold? That is no excuse... Your favorite brands spend a lot of time and resources making the perfect pieces for you to enjoy running in any weather. Plus, you spend a LOT of time and resources working towards your fitness and running goals. 

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The Best Shoes For Running | Winter 2016 Edition

Did you know the average running shoe lasts for about 300-500 miles? That's about 4-6 months depending on how many miles you put in! If you're planning to run in a spring  2016 5k, half or full-marathon, now is the best time to think about getting a new pair of running shoes. We've compiled a list for you to use as a guide to picking your next pair. 

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Spring 2016 Races We're Excited About (NYC, Philly, Chicago, D.C. & More!)

Spring 2016 may seem a little far away but if you're planning to hit the pavement running in the new year, we suggest you start marking your calendars now! To help kick off your training, we're excited to let you know that City Fit Girls -- all over the country -- can join our all-levels Run Club community and receive training tips via our weekly training newsletter. How It Works: Sign up for City Fit Girls weekly email updates to help you stay motivated, fit and training through the fall/winter season. 

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