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What I've Learned From Therapy

In last week's newsletter, I opened up about my experience with therapy. I'll admit it, I wasn't sure if I should get this personal in our newsletter but because of the stigma associated with therapy and mental health, I decided to share my experience in hopes that it could help someone else. 

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Let's Have An Honest Conversation About Money

I have a confession to make. I have a love/hate relationship with money. Maybe I should be more clear. I love spending money on experiences like traveling, happy hour, and balling out on Starbucks coffee during the workweek but I hate the way my checking account looks at the end of the month. 

Sometimes it interferes with my relationships, my performance at work, and my energy levels (which makes working out and running feel like a chore even though it’s a stress reliever). Just looking at my monthly student loan statements makes me want to crawl into a box. 

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Sunshine Chasers [A New Podcast by Amanda Folk]

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend your vacation days visiting the national parks? Or maybe you've caught the wanderlust bug and you've been thinking about ditching your 9-5 for a freelance gig in Central America.

Whatever your travel goals are, you're going to love the Sunshine Chasers podcast by Amanda Folk. Whether you listen on your long run or your rest day, Amanda and her podcast guests will definitely inspire you to book your next flight (or at least browse AirBnB for travel inspiration). 

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These Health & Fitness Brands Are Hiring [Part 2]

In our first installment of this series, we shared job openings from a few of our favorite health & fitness brands - like sweetgreen, Soulcycle and Nike. If you're looking to relocate and switch into a new position with really cool perks, you'll love this list of jobs from brands that really know a thing or two about "work-life balance". 

Get your resumes in shape, brush up your LinkedIn profiles and check out our second list of fitness, wellness, and nutrition companies that are hiring entry-level and very experienced level employees. 

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How the women behind The Fearless Conference maintain healthy lifestyles

We caught up with Melissa, Laiza & Nikki, the team behind The Fearless Conference to discuss the ups and downs of maintaining healthy lifestyles as entrepreneurs. We discuss meal planning, self-care, separating work and social life and much more. 

Whether you own a business or work a 9-5, you can definitely relate to some of the tips these women offer to get through the work week.  

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Find Time To Workout With These 5 Tips

We've heard the saying, "a 1-hour workout only takes up 4% of your day". Still, sometimes we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to exercise.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9-5, making time in the day for physical activity may seem like a long-shot. We compiled this short list to help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into your busy routine.

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