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5 Vacation Races You Should Book Now

If your 9-5 is wearing you out and you're jealous of your Facebook friends globetrotting across the world, maybe it's time you take a break from your desk a head over to HR to talk about the big v-word. Yes, vacation. You earned it. 

That's why we compiled a list of destination races that take place between November and January (goodbye winter) for you to start planning now. Grab your running buddy --or fly solo--and enjoy a race away from home.

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Amy Cragg, Des Linden And Shalane Flanagan Are Heading To The Summer Olympics

205 women lined up in downtown Los Angeles to participate in the United States Olympic Marathon Team Trials.  In order to participate in the team trials, each runner had to qualify by running a marathon time of 2:45. Yikes. Bowerman Track Club members Shalane Flanagan & Amy Cragg took the lead early on in the race but Desiree Linden waited for the last few minutes of the race to give it her all.  After a tough 26.2 miles, the results are in! Here's what you need to know about the women who will be representing the United States in Rio!

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Why Setting Goals Are Important For Your Training [With Kristen O'Connell]

What happens when you don't quite reach a goal you set out to achieve? You come back stronger than ever. That's exactly what Kristen O'Connell did after falling short of her goal, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2014.

We caught up with Kristen to discuss her plans for 2016, her tips for new runners, and her "must-have" running gear and gadgets for training.

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