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Track Workout: Welcome To Thousand Island [1,000M Repeats]

This workout is designed specifically with 10K runners, half-marathoners and marathoners in mind. Instead of relying on shorter 400 meter repeats, this workout goes the distance by pushing you to ‘Thousand Island’ - tough 1,000 meter bouts with a walking or jogging breaks in between each rep.

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Going the Distance with Brittani Adams

Meet Brittani Adams, an avid runner and workout enthusiast in the Philadelphia area. She recently raced in the Philadelphia Marathon and BQ'ed (qualified for Boston). We caught up with Brittani after the race to learn more about her running regime and any motivation she has for new and experienced female runners looking to run their fastest race. 

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Why did you sign-up for your first half-marathon or full marathon?

Fall race season is our favorite time of year. Although many runners are out doing an event for a second or third time, there's a shared sense of fear, not knowing, and excitement that first timers to an event - whether it's a first 5K, half- or full marathon - will experience. 

We caught up with a few first-time half-marathoners and marathoners to discuss what motivated them to sign up for their races and to talk a little about what keeps them going throughout their training. 

Are you thinking about signing up for your first long distance run? Keep reading to get inspired. 

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