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Friendly Reminder: You're Enough

So often we don't think that we're enough but it's true. Every single one of us is enough in our own right and it's up to us to believe it and to be okay with it. Sure, we work out to feel good and look good but it's important that at the end of the day when the selfies are posted and we're alone in our homes, that we are happy with who we truly are.

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7 Books You Need to Add To Your Collection

In our last book round-up, we shared some of our favorite running books written by amazing women. This time around, we're expanding the list to include non-running books. Why? In order to be a better athlete, you have to improve in all areas of your life - mental health, physical health and professional development, too. Am I right? 

That's why this list includes books for motivation, career, fitness and a few to make you laugh out loud when you hit a rough patch. 

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Why did you sign-up for your first half-marathon or full marathon?

Fall race season is our favorite time of year. Although many runners are out doing an event for a second or third time, there's a shared sense of fear, not knowing, and excitement that first timers to an event - whether it's a first 5K, half- or full marathon - will experience. 

We caught up with a few first-time half-marathoners and marathoners to discuss what motivated them to sign up for their races and to talk a little about what keeps them going throughout their training. 

Are you thinking about signing up for your first long distance run? Keep reading to get inspired. 

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10 Reasons Why Strong Is The New Skinny

If you read fitness blogs and follow lots of fitness Instagram accounts then I am sure you have read that "strong is the new skinny". There is a great article by Megan Clements on Breaking Muscle that nicely sums up how we have transitioned from idolizing thin girls to idolizing super strong, super fit “perfect” body types with the hashtag #strongisthenewskinny. However, these are still mostly unachievable body types. 

Strength is more than how much you lift or how smokin’ your arms look (and yes I have friend envy about her arms). Strength is a feeling of empowerment.

Here are ten reasons why you should stop looking at numbers on the scale and instead focus on how awesome strong feels:


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How to stay motivated and on track to reach your goals

By Takia McClendon

Have you ever struggled with finding the motivation to reach your fitness goals? I’ll be the first to admit that even with training schedules, nutrition programs, and all the right gear, sometimes I still lack the motivation to wake up and conquer a long run.  

Even if you have really good intentions, sometimes you need a little push to follow through with your training plans.

In this post, I’m sharing tips to overcome excuses and find motivation. I’ve shared this information with hundreds of new and experienced runners over the past few years and thought writing it down could help even more people reach their running and fitness goals. 

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Trainer Diaries: Theresa Coen dishes on cross-training, refueling, her favorites exercise and more

I feel as though I should preface my interview with the amazing Chicago instructor Theresa Coen by saying that in the three years I have taken classes with her, she has not only become one of my close friends but she has also become one of my mentors.

Theresa’s passion for fitness and constant thirst for more knowledge in the fitness field coupled with her unbridled enthusiasm and goofiness make her, in my opinion, one of the top instructors in Chicago. Many a time I have woken up the day after a Theresa class with an inability to walk due to what I call, “butt death.”

You may join your first group fitness class with a sense of dread and nervousness, but you will leave Theresa’s class with joy in your heart, clothes drenched in sweat and a new bestie.

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How To Get Your Head In The Game

When I set out to write about mental toughness my intended audience was runners; however, mental toughness can apply to all of us.

We can apply the tricks of mental toughness to runners, basketball players, power lifters and even in the workplace. We spend the majority of our training getting physically prepared and so little time getting mentally prepared, even though it's just as important. 

Vince Lombardi defined mental toughness as "a perfectly disciplined state of mind that refuses to give in." 

So, how can you get to that state of mind? Glad you asked!

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Pro Tips To Becoming A Morning Workout Warrior

Life happens. 

If you're someone who misses workouts due to unplanned work meetings, happy hours, oversleeping and plain laziness, then this is the post for you. We reached out to a few City Fit Girls, including trainers, instructors, and workout enthusiasts to get the inside scoop on how they manage to crush their workouts before the sun rises.

Read their tips to find out how you, too, can become a morning workout warrior.

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Why Setting Goals Are Important For Your Training [With Kristen O'Connell]

What happens when you don't quite reach a goal you set out to achieve? You come back stronger than ever. That's exactly what Kristen O'Connell did after falling short of her goal, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2014.

We caught up with Kristen to discuss her plans for 2016, her tips for new runners, and her "must-have" running gear and gadgets for training.

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How To Become A Better Runner with Coach Marcy Gialdo

Want to become a stronger runner? Or are you a beginner looking for tips to train for your first half-marathon?

Look no further. We caught up with Marcy Gialdo, founder of WAVES, an all woman’s racing team, to discuss cross-training, strength building, and how to take your running to the next level. Marcy has been competing in the world of endurance sports for more than 14 years, completing countless running events and triathlons. Check out her tips below! 

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Find Time To Workout With These 5 Tips

We've heard the saying, "a 1-hour workout only takes up 4% of your day". Still, sometimes we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to exercise.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9-5, making time in the day for physical activity may seem like a long-shot. We compiled this short list to help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into your busy routine.

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