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Only 14% of Bike Racers Are Women, This Group Wants to Change That

Have you ever felt like your bike was weightless beneath you? You know, you're tucked low, elbows loose, good rhythm, legs and pedals working as one.... no fear, no hesitation, just on top of all of the variables and ready for anything? And maybe — just maybe — you’re tucked in six inches behind the rear wheel of a new best friend?

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How To Become A Better Runner with Coach Marcy Gialdo

Want to become a stronger runner? Or are you a beginner looking for tips to train for your first half-marathon?

Look no further. We caught up with Marcy Gialdo, founder of WAVES, an all woman’s racing team, to discuss cross-training, strength building, and how to take your running to the next level. Marcy has been competing in the world of endurance sports for more than 14 years, completing countless running events and triathlons. Check out her tips below! 

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