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How To Recover After A Workout or Run

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts spend a lot of time training for their next big event or working out to see the best results. They do more reps, more laps, and add more pounds in hopes to see better results. Would you believe me if I told you that without recovering properly - even with all that training - you can hinder your body from becoming stronger and performing at your best? Bummer, I know. 

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How to rock your rest day

Tell us if you’ve been here before.

“I was supposed to take a rest day, but everybody else is heading out on a 10-mile run. I’ll just go along and ignore the rest day."
“My training plan calls for a rest day today - rest days are for the weak. I’m going to push through!"
“I’m not tired, I feel great! I don’t need a rest day!"

We’re here to tell you something really important. You ready? Rest days are a crucial part of any training plan. So that means don’t skip ‘em!

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What to Eat After a Run or Workout

Ever wonder what you should eat after a run or workout? Well you're not alone. With so much information floating around the web, it's hard to figure out what you should be snacking on after logging a long run or intense workout session.

Not only is it confusing to figure out what to eat, it's confusing to figure out when to eat too. We compiled this post to help you figure out where your next post-workout nutrients should come from.

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