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Behind the Seams: The Women Who Build Brooks Sports Bras [Video]

It's been a long time since Ellen Wessel quit her day job in 1977 to start a women's running apparel brand. A few years ago, that brand - Moving Comfort - would exit the women's apparel market to focus solely on sports bras. For a few years, the company operated under Brooks Running (the brand behind popular running shoes like the Ghost and Adrenaline) but maintained it's identity as Moving Comfort. Bras like the Fiona, the Rebound Racer and the Juno became staples in our wardrobes. 

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How to pick your next pair of running shoes

Have you ever tried to buy a new pair of running shoes? If you started your search by typing "good running shoes" into Google, you were probably presented with pages and pages of blogs and articles explaining what shoes are the 'best'. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to shoe reviews and recommendations, the internet can get a little overwhelming. Most reviewers have great intentions but many of them are so wrapped up in their love (or hate) affair with their shoe, they forget to remind readers that not all feet are created equally. 

With so many options, how can you find out which shoe is best for you? 


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Should you wear underwear during your runs and workouts?

You probably know the feeling of finishing up your sweaty session only to find your butt a literal sweaty mess. You just crushed your spin class or your long run but it looks like you peed your pants. Yikes. 

We know it sounds cliche but the choice to wear underwear during a run or workout is really about personal preference. In this post, we discuss the case for and against wearing underwear. We also cover a few underwear options from some of our favorite brands. 

It gets personal. 

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5 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Running In Cold Weather

Winter is finally here. We told you that temps would be dropping and that you should prepare yourself for winter running. YES, winter running! You've run (or wanted to run) all year long, why stop now? Because it's cold? That is no excuse... Your favorite brands spend a lot of time and resources making the perfect pieces for you to enjoy running in any weather. Plus, you spend a LOT of time and resources working towards your fitness and running goals. 

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