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How Fast Should You Be Doing Your Training Runs?

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was running my long, easy runs too fast. I received a lot of questions about pacing so instead of responding to everyone individually, I thought this blog post would be helpful.

So, how fast should you do your training runs? You’re not going to like it but the answer is... it depends. Since everyone’s training goals, average pace, body types, etc. are different, there is no perfect answer to this question

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Track Workout: Finish strong with these compounds

Have you ever run a race or took a tough group fitness class and had someone tell you to "finish strong" when you already felt like you had no more gas in your tank? I know the feeling. After pushing yourself to your limit for a half-marathon or 40-minute workout, digging deep to go faster, farther and/or stronger can feel like the hardest thing to do. Luckily, with the right amount of practice, we can all get better at finishing strong.

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Speedwork 101: How to do [and read] speed workouts

Have you ever looked at a speed workout and thought you were reading a different language? Or download a new training plan and decide that you'll skip the speed work because you have no idea what the coach is talking about? We've all been there. If you've never run track in high school or college, doing (not to mention, reading) a speed workout can seem intimidating. 

In this post, I'll explain why speed work is important (even if you're not training for a race), go over a few terms and explain how to read a speed workout so that you can hit the track or treadmill without feeling intimidated. 

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Track [or Road] Workout: 3 or 4 Minute Intervals

Looking for a new workout to add to your training toolkit? This interval workout is great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to mix up their cardio or for runners looking to work on their speed. 

Interval runs are short, high intense efforts followed by recovery. For this workout, we're trying two variations of intervals.

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Track [or Road] Workout: "Down the Ladder" Fartleks

In this week's speed workout, we're tapping into classic fartleks to help you become a stronger runner. Fartleks, the Swedish word for "speed play", blend different paces to challenge your aerobic (exercise with adequate oxygen) and anaerobic (when oxygen is harder to get) fitness. 

What is the workout? In addition to our warm-up, drill and cool down, we complete 23 minutes worth of descending ladder fartleks with varying ranges of effort. 

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