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Five Reasons You Should Join City Fit Girls on STRAVA

What is STRAVA? It's a free online community for cyclists, swimmers and runners/walkers. It helps you track your workouts, connect with other runners, join challenges and in some cases, helps you win new gear from some of your favorite brands. 

Last fall, we jumped on the STRAVA train to participate in The Ghost Race and now we're sharing five reasons why you should too. 

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How To Skip The Grocery Store (and still eat healthy meals at home)

Everyone knows that healthy living starts in the kitchen. Unfortunately, we all struggle with figuring out what food is considered healthy, how meals should be portioned, and how to find time to grocery shop, meal plan and cook.  

It can get pretty overwhelming. What if we told you that you never have to visit the grocery store again? What if we told you that you even have the option to skip meal planning altogether? 

In this post, we cover three grocery delivery services that allow you to pick out your groceries from the comfort of your couch and six meal prep services that help you cook healthy meals for you and your family without the stress of measuring ingredients. 

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Guide To Choosing Your Next Garmin Watch

If you're in the market for GPS, check out City Fit Girls' Guide To Choosing Your Next Garmin Watch. We provide descriptions, special features, comparisons and photos of some of Garmin's most popular Forerunners and the Vivoactive HR. Although the price tag may be expensive on a few models, using a GPS watch to track your activities can help you stick to a structured training plan, track your heart rate during the long runs or summer months and allow you to accurately measure your training progress so it's worth the investment.

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The scoop on the Nike+ Training app update

If you logged into the Nike+ Training app looking for your favorite workouts and trainers, you were probably just as surprised as we were by the new updated interface and wide range of new training offerings in the app's latest update. 

According to, the new app is "fully loaded with 100+ workouts, clear audio and visual guidance from experts for every move, plus plans to help you get fitter, faster and stronger than ever." Read on to find out how the changes can help make you a better athlete. 

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