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These Apps Will Help You Stay in Shape

We all know that apps make our lives easier. From ordering a cup of coffee to getting a ride to the salon, we can have almost anything we want delivered to us with a tap of a button. Lucky for us, food and car rides aren't the only products on demand. 

If you whip our your cell phone and search the health section of the App Store, you're likely to find hundreds of apps that help you get fit, run faster, and lose weight. Aside from recognizing a few popular apps like Map My Fitness and Couch To 5K, the selection can get overwhelming. That's why we compiled a list of fitness apps that make it super easy to stay in shape. 

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Guide To Choosing Your Next Garmin Watch

If you're in the market for GPS, check out City Fit Girls' Guide To Choosing Your Next Garmin Watch. We provide descriptions, special features, comparisons and photos of some of Garmin's most popular Forerunners and the Vivoactive HR. Although the price tag may be expensive on a few models, using a GPS watch to track your activities can help you stick to a structured training plan, track your heart rate during the long runs or summer months and allow you to accurately measure your training progress so it's worth the investment.

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