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Track [or Road] Workout: "Down the Ladder" Fartleks

In this week's speed workout, we're tapping into classic fartleks to help you become a stronger runner. Fartleks, the Swedish word for "speed play", blend different paces to challenge your aerobic (exercise with adequate oxygen) and anaerobic (when oxygen is harder to get) fitness. 

What is the workout? In addition to our warm-up, drill and cool down, we complete 23 minutes worth of descending ladder fartleks with varying ranges of effort. 

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Track Workout: 400 Meter Repeats

City Fit Girls' take on 'Deek's Quarters' (8 x 400 meter repeats). The workout was made popular by Rob De Castella of Australia, the former world record holder in the marathon. It consists of 8 full laps around the track with 200 meter strides (no jogging or walking) in between in each lap. 

If you're new to track workouts, we've put a little twist on Deek's Quarters to make the workout beginner friendly. Try our beginner-friendly version, the 'Hasty Hastings' 400s. 

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