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How Fast Should You Be Doing Your Training Runs?

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was running my long, easy runs too fast. I received a lot of questions about pacing so instead of responding to everyone individually, I thought this blog post would be helpful.

So, how fast should you do your training runs? You’re not going to like it but the answer is... it depends. Since everyone’s training goals, average pace, body types, etc. are different, there is no perfect answer to this question

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Track Workout: Welcome To Thousand Island [1,000M Repeats]

This workout is designed specifically with 10K runners, half-marathoners and marathoners in mind. Instead of relying on shorter 400 meter repeats, this workout goes the distance by pushing you to ‘Thousand Island’ - tough 1,000 meter bouts with a walking or jogging breaks in between each rep.

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Track Workout: Up the ladder, down the ladder

This week, we're back with a new track (or treadmill) workout to help you increase speed, power and/or switch up your regular treadmill routine. A few months ago, we introduced you to the traditional ladder workout. This week, we're increasing the challenge with an "Up the ladder, down the ladder" workout. This workout will help you increase speed, build mental toughness and help you dig deep when it's time to finish your next race strong. 

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Track Workout: Ladder Intervals

Pace is personal. For some, making it through a run without stopping is an accomplishment to celebrate. For others, the celebration doesn't start until they've qualified for Boston. No matter what your intentions are, track workouts can help you become a stronger, faster runner to meet your running and fitness goals.This week's workout, Ladder Intervals, will help you maintain a tough pace and learn to dig deep during your next race. 

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Track Workout: 400 Meter Repeats

City Fit Girls' take on 'Deek's Quarters' (8 x 400 meter repeats). The workout was made popular by Rob De Castella of Australia, the former world record holder in the marathon. It consists of 8 full laps around the track with 200 meter strides (no jogging or walking) in between in each lap. 

If you're new to track workouts, we've put a little twist on Deek's Quarters to make the workout beginner friendly. Try our beginner-friendly version, the 'Hasty Hastings' 400s. 

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