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City Fit Girls Guide To Trail Running

Have you been thinking about switching up your regular routine and hitting the trails for some (or all) of your runs? If you find yourself itching to escape the roads or the treadmill, trail running can be a great option for you. In fact, according to Scott Douglas, the author of Running is My Therapy, studies have shown that running in nature can be very beneficial for our mental health. 

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Sunshine Chasers [A New Podcast by Amanda Folk]

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend your vacation days visiting the national parks? Or maybe you've caught the wanderlust bug and you've been thinking about ditching your 9-5 for a freelance gig in Central America.

Whatever your travel goals are, you're going to love the Sunshine Chasers podcast by Amanda Folk. Whether you listen on your long run or your rest day, Amanda and her podcast guests will definitely inspire you to book your next flight (or at least browse AirBnB for travel inspiration). 

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No Excuses: How To Get Your Workout In at the Airport

If you are about to embark on a long flight or fall victim to fly delays due to snow and are lamenting missing your daily exercise regime, never fear because there are some easy breezy exercises you can do at the airport. I recently did some of these prior to a 12-hour flight and while I momentarily feared looking like a crazy person to others, I quickly realized that most people actually aren't paying attention

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Your Essential Destination Race Packing Guide

You have picked your goal race for the year. You’re going somewhere fun for the race and you tell everybody about it. Your training plan is in place and you are killing the workouts. But when it comes time for that destination race, are you prepared for the trip? 

Now you absolutely will be with our essential destination race packing guide. Keep these tips in mind to pack for success!

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