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What No One Tells You About Training In The Winter

Instead of starting your April training from scratch, you can maintain an important fitness base over the winter and set up your best year possible.  Let’s be honest, we don’t mind other people admiring our grit and determination regardless of the weather.  But winter workouts are mostly about what they do for you, leveraging off-season consistency to push your performance to the next level.

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5 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Running In Cold Weather

Winter is finally here. We told you that temps would be dropping and that you should prepare yourself for winter running. YES, winter running! You've run (or wanted to run) all year long, why stop now? Because it's cold? That is no excuse... Your favorite brands spend a lot of time and resources making the perfect pieces for you to enjoy running in any weather. Plus, you spend a LOT of time and resources working towards your fitness and running goals. 

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