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How To Build Your Home Gym On Any Budget

This past summer, I decided that I was ready to take control of my running again and train for the Philly Half Marathon (my first since Feb 2016). If I was serious, I knew that I would have to make drastic changes to my routine. I had to train the way that I would instruct my clients to by mixing up my runs, incorporating more strength training and following a stretching routine.

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45-Minute Stationary Bike and Dumbbells Workout

Trying to figure out what workout to do at the gym can be overwhelming. You're surrounded by machines and people who look like they know exactly what they're doing. Instead of asking for help, you find yourself intimidated by the whole experience and head to the sauna for some quick relief. Whew. 

If you've ever found yourself in this situation, this workout is for you.

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How To Pick The Best Running & Fitness Sports Bras

We know that sports bras are a staple in Millennial women’s wardrobes. In fact, a survey in the NPD Group’s “2015 Bra Journey Insights” report found that 41 percent said they wore one in the past seven days. That's a lot of sports bras. 

But, did you know you should be changing your sports bras every 3-6 months (depending on your activity level)? If you workout 4-5 days a week, you should be wearing a bra that was purchased in 2016. If not, stop what you're doing, grab your credit card and do your boobies a favor by replacing your sports bra today.

Keep reading to discover the perfect bra for your workouts.

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Add This 45 Minute Workout To Your Fitness Routine!

You made it to the gym, yay! But after spending 30-minutes on the elliptical while watching Wheel of Fortune (in closed captions), you have no idea what to do next. In our last workout, we gave you an easy-to-follow routine to strengthen your hamstrings, quads, abs and lower back. This time around, we'll add a little tempo work to build endurance and gain strength and follow up with an upper body workout.

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Meet D.C. Ultra-marathoner and SoulCycle Instructor Cat Crowe

Washington, D.C - meet your newest obsession. Orginally from Annapolis, Soul Cycle Instructor and ultra-marathoner Catherine Crowe, plays no games when it comes to her health. She's a 3:35 marathoner and looking to qualify for Boston this year, runs every day for at least 4-5 miles and manages to teach a cycling class or two everyday. The former college athlete shares her goals for the upcoming Rock N Roll Marathon in D.C,  what she loves about teaching at SoulCycle, and tips for anyone interested in becoming an ultra-marathoner.

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City Fit Girls Run Club February Schedule

Hey City Fit Girls! Spring race season is coming and we want to help you get ready. Browse our website for details about upcoming run clubs in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia!

City Fit Girls’ group runs are open to all levels and all paces.  Read on to see our February 2016 schedule, upcoming races in your city, and more!

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What to Eat After a Run or Workout

Ever wonder what you should eat after a run or workout? Well you're not alone. With so much information floating around the web, it's hard to figure out what you should be snacking on after logging a long run or intense workout session.

Not only is it confusing to figure out what to eat, it's confusing to figure out when to eat too. We compiled this post to help you figure out where your next post-workout nutrients should come from.

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The Best Shoes For Running | Winter 2016 Edition

Did you know the average running shoe lasts for about 300-500 miles? That's about 4-6 months depending on how many miles you put in! If you're planning to run in a spring  2016 5k, half or full-marathon, now is the best time to think about getting a new pair of running shoes. We've compiled a list for you to use as a guide to picking your next pair. 

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City Fit Girls' 30-Minute Core Workout [Plus Your Quick Guide to Strength Training]

If you're like most runners, you look forward to getting your miles in but dread the thought of strength training/cross training days. We get it. Aside from providing a perfect backdrop for your sweaty selfie, the gym doesn't really offer too much to get excited about. So, what should you do? 

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Are You Drinking Enough Water To Avoid Dehydration?

You, yes even YOU can suffer from dehydration during your favorite outdoor bootcamp or Saturday long run. As temperatures rise in warmer months, you're likely to sweat a lot more than usual during your daily physical activities. Because of this increased sweating, it's really, really important that you fill your body with fluids before, during, and after your workout. 

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Increase Productivity Before 9AM With These Tips

We've heard it before: you're not a morning person. If you want to be successful, rumor has it that being an early riser has its advantages. Although pressing the snooze button may seem more appeasing, starting your day 1 or maybe 2 hours earlier can be a great way to increase productivity throughout the rest of your day

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Find Time To Workout With These 5 Tips

We've heard the saying, "a 1-hour workout only takes up 4% of your day". Still, sometimes we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to exercise.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9-5, making time in the day for physical activity may seem like a long-shot. We compiled this short list to help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into your busy routine.

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