Photo Recap: #ToTheStarbucks 5 Miler


If you ever needed motivation to wake up early on a Saturday morning and squeeze in a few miles, you know that turning your mileage into a destination run -- brunch, local coffee shop, Trader Joes? -- is a full proof way to get you out the door. For the second year in a row, a few women in our community decided to turn their Saturday morning destination run into a fun run for Philly's running community. 

By Christine Kemp

#ToTheStarbucks 5 Miler is a fun run that was created by a group of ladies who would end our early weekend morning runs together during the summer of 2016 at a nearby Starbucks. Being the social media lovers that we are, we posted all of our pictures with the hashtag #ToTheStarbucks. 

As a way to say thank you to our running community for all that it does, we decided (almost as a joke) the perfect theme for a free running event that would reflect all of those early morning summer coffee stops. Armed with a 3D printer to make medals, a professional photographer and an Thanksgiving weekend as the date, #ToTheStarbucks 5 Miler was born!  

This past Saturday marked the second annual run, co-hosted by myself, Emily Powell, and Angela Kapalko along with lots of generous friends that donate their time and resources. 40 amazing people, including 3 children, one baby and a dog, joined in running a 2.5 or 5 mile route that started in Washington Square Park and finished at the Starbucks at 4th and South Street.  

After everyone crossed "the finish", we joined up at Head House parking lot for our traditional feasting of trunk donuts. Check out a few photos below. 

Starbucks cohosts.jpg
Starbucks medal 2017.jpg
Starbucks end group.jpg
Ashley Kiera.jpg

#ToTheStarbucks 5 Miler is in no way affiliated with Starbucks.