[Recap] We Tried Train & Nourish Fitness Studio

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By Kiera Smalls

One of the best perks of joining the City Fit Girls community is getting access to private workouts in Philadelphia. It’s been a while since our last workout so when we had a chance to check out Train and Nourish in South Philly, we were excited to give the workout a try.

About the Studio: Train and Nourish is a women’s fitness training studio in Passyunk. The owner, Jenna Fisher, became passionate about wellness while navigating challenges with her own fitness journey. After doing research and seeing tremendous personal progress, she became certified to offer fitness and wellness services to help others throughout their own journeys. She started out doing personal training and then eventually opened her own studio, Train and Nourish.

The studio is outfitted for one-on-one personal training sessions and small group fitness. It has all the essentials you’d need to train - treadmill, dumbbells, barbell, bosu ball, etc. - without the overwhelming machines you’d expect to see at a larger gym. It’s also really cute!

She also offers yoga in the studio and online programs for those who can’t make it to South Philly.

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About the Workout: We hosted two back-to-back sessions with seven women in each class. Remember, the studio is designed for small group workouts and personal training.

The session combined strength and high-intensity intervals using free weights, kettle bells, TRX and cardio machines. Each participant went to a starting station and Jenna explained how to do each move and the timing for the reps. We rotated stations every 60 seconds for a full body workout. We did this for 3-4 rounds with a break at the halfway mark. The workout ended with a group cool down and stretch.

Although the workout was tough, I enjoyed my experience at Train and Nourish. One of the benefits of small group fitness is that Jenna can focus on everyone’s form and technique. She walked around the studio checking to make sure we were all doing each workout correctly and provided feedback throughout the entire session.


Check out the studio: If you’re looking for personal training or small group fitness, Train & Nourish has options for everyone. Jenna is currently offering $10 off for your first class or consultation. You can also sign up for a workout via ClassPass.

If you’re interested in other ways to get involved with Train & Nourish, Jenna is leading a 5K team for the Susan G. Komen Mother’s Day Walk on May 12th. All are welcome to join and/or donate to the Train & Nourish Team.