9 Women Share Their Wellness Goals For The New Year


By Kiera Smalls

We’re already a few weeks into 2019, how are your goals and New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Hopefully, you’re off to a great start. If not, there’s plenty of time to get started.

After thinking over my own wellness goals, I was curious about what others were doing too. I reached out to a few women in City Fit Girls and my professional network to learn what their wellness goals are for 2019. Since they all come from different backgrounds, fitness levels, careers, and interests, their goals for this year ranged from getting more sleep to prioritizing mental health. Below, you’ll learn what 9 women (including Takia and I) are hoping to accomplish this year.

Have you created wellness goals for yourself? If so, great! If not, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know where to start. We hope this post gives you some inspiration to create your own.

Adriana Adelé

Yoga Instructor


My biggest wellness goal for 2019 is one that I think touches all aspects of health and wellness meaning mental, emotional, and the physical. This year I plan to find more flow and balance between effort and ease. I know, I know #sh*tyogateachersay right? But in my defense this goal is inspired by yoga sutra 2.46 “Sthira-sukham asanam” translated through a tantric lens to mean “posture is stability & joy, effort & ease”. 2018 was all about proving to myself that I could put in the effort. In 2019, I want to center finding the ease in all that effort.

And while this seems like a slightly abstract goal, I’ve got some concrete steps towards achieving more flow, alignment, and ease in 2019: more meditation and pranayama (breathwork); saying no to things that I only feel “eh” about so I can say yes to things I feel really passionate about and aligned with; more going with my gut during decision making even if it’s “do I want a matcha or a mocha?”; continue going to therapy which I started this fall; keeping up with my gratitude/”what went well” reflection practice to continue to identify what brings me joy and flow. Oh yeah and hydrate because that just helps everything.

Amber Burns

Freelance Writer, Content Creator & Producer


After years of struggling and being generally unhappy with my body, this year I'm proud to have no body specific goals. I've always found it beneficial to focus on intentions as well as goals. So in 2019, I intend to pay closer attention to my body and to focus on giving it what it really seems to be asking for.

One specific goal that falls right in line with this intention is cutting red meat out of my diet completely and focusing on consuming less meat overall. After tracking my habits and wellness over time last year, there always seemed to be a link between eating a meaty meal and then not feeling great. So this year, I’m cutting the meat and replacing it with fresh veggies and fruits that taste good and make me feel great! I started following food blogs that focus on vegetarian meals to help me come up with new, meat-free recipe ideas. I’m not planning to go full vegetarian, but I do want to practice a little more balance in my eating habits.

Emily Drinkwater

Revenue Cycle Analyst for Penn Medicine Department of Surgery


One of my bigger wellness goals is to focus on positivity. In my planner every day, I am trying to write down one good thing that happened that day, whether its a meeting that went really well or a compliment that made me feel good or a workout that made me feel strong. Sometimes we get so busy and weighed down by what we think is holding us back, that we dont focus on what lifts us up. Thats why I want to remember all of the great things that happen, so when things seem tough I can reflect on the good!

Stacey Gray

High School Spanish Teacher


My wellness goals for 2019 are to eat healthier and to write down my personal goals.

I come from a family of snackers and so, there is ALWAYS something to snack when I go visit my parents. I rarely buy snacks for my apartment because honestly they wouldn't make it home from the grocery store (🤦🏽‍♀️). This year, I want to make more healthy snacks. For example, I want to buy the ingredients to prep snacks throughout the week.

As a teacher, I am pretty organized with my lesson plans and daily agendas for the classroom. I strongly believe that writing down your goals and putting your thoughts on paper are core to setting actions to your goals. To help track (and accomplish) my personal goals for the year, I ordered a Passion Planner. I really like their layouts and the weekly goal tracker. This way, I can hold myself accountable and not get overwhelmed by my personal weekly tasks.

Stacey Gross

Director of Events At a Nonprofit


My wellness goal for 2019 is to workout and run because I WANT to. Last year I focused on training for my first marathon, and worked out because I HAD to in order to cross that 26.2 finish line. I lost my love of the challenge that working out provided me.

I want to focus on growing stronger and truly listening to my body for what it needs. I want to continue to grow as a strong female athlete and not listen to what society shows as a "lifts small weights female athlete". I want to show up for myself during each class, run, or training session. "But did you die?" has become my go-to saying for anytime I think a workout is too hard or that I cannot push a little more. 2019, I am ready for you.

Jess Sullivan

Personal Trainer & Flywheel Instructor


This year I want to center my constant quest for being better around just DOING better. I want to use my profession and voice to help more people. When we are too focused on our own journeys, we don’t see people struggling around us. I’m going to focus on doing more for others this year.

Tiffany Tavarez

Vice President of Community Relations, Wells Fargo


More sleep, vegetables, and exercise is always a (good) thing; that’s a given! What I’m interested in is ensuring I do what I can to protect myself against cognitive decline. It is easy to fall into a routine that keeps you in your comfort zone and in turn, brain functions. My ability to think thoughtfully and critically requires a healthy and active brain. For 2019, I am committed to trying new things, learning new skills/topics, and engaging in new experiences that push the limits of what I believe I can do so I can keep my brain active and alert along with the rest of my being.

Kiera Smalls, Takia McClendon

Co-Founders of City Fit Girls

City Fit Girls _ Fit Retreat 2018-298 (1).jpg

Kiera: I plan to be more intentional around documenting my wellness journey. I journal sometimes but I usually just like to focus on the positives. I would like to journal daily and be extremely specific about the entire experience from the day. In addition to reflecting, I want to make notes on progress AND failures in order to truly move forward and accomplish everything I want.

Takia: My wellness goal for 2019 is to create (and stick to) a morning routine. I’d like to be able to read, workout, meditate, eat breakfast, and get ready for work before it’s time to head out for the day. I am not a morning person so I know that this is going to be extremely challenging. I plan to start by going to bed at a reasonable hour so that waking up early doesn’t feel so bad.

Kiera Smalls is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. She's a marathoner and wannabe chef who's passionate about helping women reach their fitness and mental health goals. Follow her online at @kierasmalls.