A Race We Love: The Annual West Philly Runners 26x1 Mile Marathon Relay


By Kiera Smalls

Hosted by our friends at West Philly Runners, this fun, community-filled relay race is great for anyone looking to run their fastest (or first!) mile. The relay is on May 19th and it's located in West Philadelphia at the Woodlands, a 54-acre undulating landscape that includes an English pleasure garden, 19th-century rural cemetery (yes, you read that right) and a modern green oasis for its neighbors. Proceeds from the race goes directly to the host site. 

Although the event has been around for a few years, last year was the first year we created a City Fit Girls team. There was so much interest, we had to create two teams! (Thanks, Angela K, for being our captain and organizer)

What To Expect On The Day of The Relay Race

New runners are welcome: If you're thinking, "am I fast enough to run a relay race?", the answer is YES. As with all City Fit Girls events, our teams and meet-ups are for runners of all paces and fitness levels. Just set your goals for your mile time and get ready to do your best. 

It's a big party (with food, music, and mimosas): We worked together to create a list of items needed for the day (read snacks).

Each team has a baton: Part of the fun included running with batons unique to your run club. Thanks to creative members in our group, our batons were AMAZING! Christine Kemp created beautiful batons that matched our run club’s motto (Will Run For Ice Cream).

Interested in joining our team this year? Click here to register! Have questions? Check out feedback from our Team Members below!

Feedback from team members:

  • This was the most fun I've ever had at a running event! It was so fun seeing the look of excitement/surprise on everyone's faces when they realized how fast they ran! -Jessica  W

  • The 26x1 was so much fun.  It was great to hang out with you ladies a little longer than we do on a Wednesday nights. It was great getting to support everyone and to watch everyone push themselves and achieve goals.  A really great day! - Jeannette F

  • [This event] was not only about pushing yourself to achieve your personal best (which so many did), it was about fostering a strong, encouraging running community for all women! The cheers and kind words were so motivating! Thank you, City Fit Girls for welcoming me! - Jay L

  • The 26x1 was my first ever relay experience and I couldn't imagine doing it with any other group! The support, camaraderie, and overall spirit of City Fit Girls is unmatched. Such a great time! - Monica K

  • This was my first experience with City Fit Girls and it was amazing! Everyone was incredibly supportive and motivating. I didn't feel like an outsider at all and the race was super organized and laid back! - Erin C