Everything you need to know about City Fit Girls

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By Kiera Smalls 

We created City Fit Girls to provide resources for women looking to reach their fitness and wellness goals. We wanted to create an all-women community that was diverse, inclusive, and fun much like our hometown of Philadelphia. 

Our goal is - and has always been - to make physical activity more accessible for all women no matter their race, pace, age, body type, sexual orientation, income level, etc. We started out with bootcamps and personal training and eventually grew to host group workouts, run clubs and other events throughout the city. We pride ourselves on hosting free to low-cost events while also introducing the women in our community to new gyms and studios.

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Despite the current political climate in this country,  the City Fit Girls community will continue to be a welcoming, inclusive, and fun space. We'll maintain this through various programs and activities and feedback from members & supporters. 

Although most of our programming takes place in Philadelphia, we have communities in other cities and will be working to grow them over the next couple of years. 

We are incredibly grateful for the community you've helped us build and want you to know that we will work hard every day to keep the vibes positive and welcoming. Here are a few ways to get involved and help us maintain this goal.


  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive workouts, recipes, resources and more every Monday morning.

  • Engage with the City Fit Girls community by following @CityFitGirls on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Share your fitness and wellness posts using #cityfitgirls. Participate in our social media challenges when they happen.

  • Join our groups on Facebook to stay updated with races and running related events in your city. City Fit Girls PA/NJ, City Fit Girls DC / MD / VA, City Fit Girls Chicago. If you're not into running races (yet), come join one of our fun cheer zones!

  • Regularly read the City Fit Girls Journal for stories and reports on the fitness and wellness industry and City Fit Girls community.


  • When you receive your weekly newsletter, you get access to City Fit Girls private workouts. We partner with studios and gyms across the city so that you can gain insights into how they operate before committing. Like going on a first date. We find this method to help lower the barrier to finding a new place to workout.

  • Every Wednesday, City Fit Girls Run Club - Philadelphia meets in the evening for a 3-5 mile fun run. You can expect anywhere between 80-100 women to show up in the warmer months and 20-40 show up in below freezing temps. And this is with one goal in mind: Hold each other accountable for upcoming runs, PRs and races.

  • FitRetreat is our signature annual event where women come together for a full day of fitness and motivation. We are completely upgrading the experience. Follow @fitretreat on Instagram and stay tuned for some fun updates! This event sells out fast...



We could list so much more (and we plan to add more) but we hope this gives you better insights into the community that's being built. It's unlike anything you've ever seen and we hope it inspires you to give it a try or share the experience with friends.

All we ask is that you show up, with an open mind and heart, and be ready to crush your goals while helping others along the way. 

See you at a workout or run soon,

Kiera & Takia