What I've Learned From Therapy


By Kiera Smalls

In last week's newsletter, I opened up about my experience with therapy. I'll admit it, I wasn't sure if I should get this personal in our newsletter but because of the stigma associated with therapy and mental health, I decided to share my experience in hopes that it could help someone else. 

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What I've Learned From Therapy

[Originally shared in the 7/30/18 City Fit Girls weekly newsletter]

I want to share something very personal with you. For the last 5 months, I've been seeing a therapist. No, not because something's "wrong", but because I started a new job that requires a lot of time and mental capacity. I just wanted an outlet for the transition but little did I know we'd discuss way more than "work-life balance".

While therapy may not be for everyone, it's certainly one of the best ways for people to navigate life. It's also a topic that still has some stigma associated with it so I wanted to open up about my experience in hopes that it helps someone else. 

What we've talked about:

  • Unpacking a lot of reasons why I do what I do (or don't do).

  • Revisiting childhood traumas and how they consciously and unconsciously play a part in my relationships, fitness, work ethic, etc. 

  • Creating tools to help me stay on a productive path.

What I've learned:

  • I have never been so aware as I am today. This level of awareness helps me navigate relationships and situations in a much better way. I am not saying it's rainbows and sunshine over here but more practice, mindfulness, and intentionality. 

  • I used to talk about my childhood as if it was someone else's life. Therapy has helped me embrace my upbringing and acknowledge that it's part of who I am today. 

  • I'm more aligned with who I want to be and I'm attracting people and opportunities that I don't believe would have happened without the work I'm doing with therapy.

I could go on and on but I'll stop here. If you'd like to see more content on mental health and therapy at cityfitgirls.com, let us know. Thanks for reading about my experience. Hope you have an amazing week!

Kiera Smalls
Co-Founder, City Fit Girls