Find Time To Workout With These 5 Tips


By Kiera Smalls

We've heard the saying, "a 1-hour workout only takes up 4% of your day". Still, sometimes we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to exercise.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9-5, making time in the day for physical activity may seem like a long-shot. We compiled this short list to help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into your busy routine.

1. Bike To Work

Depending on the length of your commute, using an alternative form of transportation may be the key to squeezing a workout in to your day. Did you know a 135-pound woman pedaling 12 to 14 miles/hr can burn close to 500 calories in an hour? With the right equipment, riding a bike to work can be a very safe & enjoyable experience. Grab a helmet, cute outfit, and a bike lock and try commuting via two wheels instead of four.  Learn more about biking at Momentum Magazine.

2. Take A Class During Your Lunch Break 

If you work in the city, odds are you work within walking distance of a fitness studio or gym. If your job is kind enough to offer 1-hour lunch breaks, take a 45 minute strength training or low impact fitness class nearby. Be sure to pack a gym bag with items to freshen up after your workout.

3. Make It A 'Play Date' 

Taking your kids to the park is a great way to squeeze a workout into your day. Instead of answering e-mails or reading your favorite book on a nearby bench, take time to play with your kids. Activities like 'hide & seek', pushing your toddler on the swings, jumping rope, or playing on the monkey bars for as little as 30 minutes/day can make a huge improvement to your health.

4. The One-Hour Yoga Class

Have you been avoiding yoga because of the lengthy 1 hour and 30 minute class time? You're not alone. Many yoga studios offer 1-hour yoga sessions during the lunch hour to accommodate people with busy schedules. Take advantage of these programs and participate in a 1-hour yoga class during your break or after work.

5. Teach/Coach A Youth Program 

Have a love for dance, volley ball, or cheer leading? With budget cuts to many youth recreation/athletic programs, most teams can use all the extra help they can get. Volunteer as an assistant coach with a little league team or youth program in your community.  Create [and participate] in warm-ups, workouts, and drills to help keep you and your team in shape.

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