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Track Workout: Welcome To Thousand Island [1,000M Repeats]

This workout is designed specifically with 10K runners, half-marathoners and marathoners in mind. Instead of relying on shorter 400 meter repeats, this workout goes the distance by pushing you to ‘Thousand Island’ - tough 1,000 meter bouts with a walking or jogging breaks in between each rep.

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Track Workout: Up the ladder, down the ladder

This week, we're back with a new track (or treadmill) workout to help you increase speed, power and/or switch up your regular treadmill routine. A few months ago, we introduced you to the traditional ladder workout. This week, we're increasing the challenge with an "Up the ladder, down the ladder" workout. This workout will help you increase speed, build mental toughness and help you dig deep when it's time to finish your next race strong. 

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Track Workout: Ladder Intervals

Pace is personal. For some, making it through a run without stopping is an accomplishment to celebrate. For others, the celebration doesn't start until they've qualified for Boston. No matter what your intentions are, track workouts can help you become a stronger, faster runner to meet your running and fitness goals.This week's workout, Ladder Intervals, will help you maintain a tough pace and learn to dig deep during your next race. 

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How Do I Know My Running Pace?

Have you ever heard someone refer to their running pace but had no clue what they were talking about? We all have that one friend who wants to break a "10-minute mile" but what does that really mean? 

If you're new to running, it's important to learn about maintaining a "good" pace (or speed). Running increases demand on our bodies and we want to make sure we're not overdoing it by running so fast that it's hard for us to breathe. By controlling your pace, you may help prevent common issues like shortness of breath and in return, running will be more enjoyable.

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Track Workout: Finish strong with these compounds

Have you ever run a race or took a tough group fitness class and had someone tell you to "finish strong" when you already felt like you had no more gas in your tank? I know the feeling. After pushing yourself to your limit for a half-marathon or 40-minute workout, digging deep to go faster, farther and/or stronger can feel like the hardest thing to do. Luckily, with the right amount of practice, we can all get better at finishing strong.

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Track [or Road] Workout: 3 or 4 Minute Intervals

Looking for a new workout to add to your training toolkit? This interval workout is great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to mix up their cardio or for runners looking to work on their speed. 

Interval runs are short, high intense efforts followed by recovery. For this workout, we're trying two variations of intervals.

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Road [or Trail] Workout: Beginner & Intermediate Hill Repeats

Ready to switch things up? We're taking our workout from the flat track (or road) to the hilly incline in your neighborhood that you avoid during your weekly runs. That's right, this workout is all about hill repeats. 

Not only are hill repeats great for runners who are doing a hilly road race, they're also great for anyone who wants to increase strength, speed and power. 

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Track [or Road] Workout: "Down the Ladder" Fartleks

In this week's speed workout, we're tapping into classic fartleks to help you become a stronger runner. Fartleks, the Swedish word for "speed play", blend different paces to challenge your aerobic (exercise with adequate oxygen) and anaerobic (when oxygen is harder to get) fitness. 

What is the workout? In addition to our warm-up, drill and cool down, we complete 23 minutes worth of descending ladder fartleks with varying ranges of effort. 

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Track Workout: 400 Meter Repeats

City Fit Girls' take on 'Deek's Quarters' (8 x 400 meter repeats). The workout was made popular by Rob De Castella of Australia, the former world record holder in the marathon. It consists of 8 full laps around the track with 200 meter strides (no jogging or walking) in between in each lap. 

If you're new to track workouts, we've put a little twist on Deek's Quarters to make the workout beginner friendly. Try our beginner-friendly version, the 'Hasty Hastings' 400s. 

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