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Do you spend too much money on fitness?

Have you ever took time to calculate how much you spend to stay fit and eat healthy? Adding up your workout classes, juices, healthy eats, race entries, and gear will make you want to throw your calculator at a wall. The reality is, we spend thousands of dollars to look and feel good and sometimes we don’t even realize it until you're staring at your bank statements at the end of the month. Let’s have an honest conversation about our “healthy” spending and how we can hack the system.

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Chicago: Where to get fit and eat well

Baby, it's cold outside. As the temperatures continue to drop it's easy to just want to skip a workout, stay indoors and hide under the covers and watch Netflix all night. But we know that's not your style.

You're the adventurous, go-getter, get-it-done, stay focused type. With that said, we've complied a short list of some of the places you should check out to help you stay on track.

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Life Happens…Here’s How To Stay Afloat

Life is full of inconveniences, even when they’re good – like when the boy you like finally asks you out to dinner, only for you to be on day 2 of your 3-day juice cleanse.

There’s never going to be a time when you get to do everything you want to do, eat only your favorite foods or the foods that follow your diet du jour and really, who gets 8-9 hours of sleep ever night? Yea, me either.

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