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Five Reasons You Should Join City Fit Girls on STRAVA

What is STRAVA? It's a free online community for cyclists, swimmers and runners/walkers. It helps you track your workouts, connect with other runners, join challenges and in some cases, helps you win new gear from some of your favorite brands. 

Last fall, we jumped on the STRAVA train to participate in The Ghost Race and now we're sharing five reasons why you should too. 

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Beginner's Guide to Triathlons

Have you been thinking about a new challenge for 2017? Maybe tossing around the idea of a triathlon, but unsure if you’re ready to go for it? When I signed up for my first triathlon, I had no idea what it entailed other than swimming, biking and running. I was totally intimidated, but in a haze of new year’s resolutions, I clicked “Register Now” for a local race, closing my eyes at the last second. Ten years and over thirty races later, I'm so grateful that I threw caution to the wind and signed up for that first race.

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City Fit Girls' Guide To Run 1-Mile [For NEW Runners]

If you're reading this blog, it's safe to assume you're thinking about running your first mile. No matter what you're reason is to take on this new challenge, working up to run a mile can be great for your overall health. We created a 3 week plan, with beginners in mind, that will take you from walker to runner in 21 days. Up for the challenge? Keep reading to get started.  

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Speedwork 101: How to do [and read] speed workouts

Have you ever looked at a speed workout and thought you were reading a different language? Or download a new training plan and decide that you'll skip the speed work because you have no idea what the coach is talking about? We've all been there. If you've never run track in high school or college, doing (not to mention, reading) a speed workout can seem intimidating. 

In this post, I'll explain why speed work is important (even if you're not training for a race), go over a few terms and explain how to read a speed workout so that you can hit the track or treadmill without feeling intimidated. 

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Behind the Seams: The Women Who Build Brooks Sports Bras [Video]

It's been a long time since Ellen Wessel quit her day job in 1977 to start a women's running apparel brand. A few years ago, that brand - Moving Comfort - would exit the women's apparel market to focus solely on sports bras. For a few years, the company operated under Brooks Running (the brand behind popular running shoes like the Ghost and Adrenaline) but maintained it's identity as Moving Comfort. Bras like the Fiona, the Rebound Racer and the Juno became staples in our wardrobes. 

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Track [or Road] Workout: 3 or 4 Minute Intervals

Looking for a new workout to add to your training toolkit? This interval workout is great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to mix up their cardio or for runners looking to work on their speed. 

Interval runs are short, high intense efforts followed by recovery. For this workout, we're trying two variations of intervals.

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How To Sign Up For Your First Race

If you're reading this post, you've probably gone back and forth with the idea of signing up for your first race. You may be wondering "is running really for me?" or "will I even make it across the finish line?". With proper training, the answer to both of those questions is YES. 

Before you can line up for your first race, you'll have to register for one that meets your needs - desired distance, race swag, etc. We've compiled a guide to help newer runners sign up for their first race. 

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What No One Tells You About Training In The Winter

Instead of starting your April training from scratch, you can maintain an important fitness base over the winter and set up your best year possible.  Let’s be honest, we don’t mind other people admiring our grit and determination regardless of the weather.  But winter workouts are mostly about what they do for you, leveraging off-season consistency to push your performance to the next level.

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Going the Distance with Brittani Adams

Meet Brittani Adams, an avid runner and workout enthusiast in the Philadelphia area. She recently raced in the Philadelphia Marathon and BQ'ed (qualified for Boston). We caught up with Brittani after the race to learn more about her running regime and any motivation she has for new and experienced female runners looking to run their fastest race. 

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Why did you sign-up for your first half-marathon or full marathon?

Fall race season is our favorite time of year. Although many runners are out doing an event for a second or third time, there's a shared sense of fear, not knowing, and excitement that first timers to an event - whether it's a first 5K, half- or full marathon - will experience. 

We caught up with a few first-time half-marathoners and marathoners to discuss what motivated them to sign up for their races and to talk a little about what keeps them going throughout their training. 

Are you thinking about signing up for your first long distance run? Keep reading to get inspired. 

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Road [or Trail] Workout: Beginner & Intermediate Hill Repeats

Ready to switch things up? We're taking our workout from the flat track (or road) to the hilly incline in your neighborhood that you avoid during your weekly runs. That's right, this workout is all about hill repeats. 

Not only are hill repeats great for runners who are doing a hilly road race, they're also great for anyone who wants to increase strength, speed and power. 

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