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Recap: We Tried Subversus Fitness [And Why You Should Strength Train Too]

On Saturday, January 13, we headed to Center City Philadelphia to try a workout at Subversus Fitness. Formally known as CrossFit Center, Subversus Fitness offers a wide range of classes including Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Endurance, DurABLE, and traditional CrossFit. Keep reading to learn about our experience and view our photo album below. 

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Streak with City Fit Girls

Have you heard? We're challenging our fitness community to 31 straight days of physical activity throughout the month of August. 

City Fit Girls is all about inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and motivating other women to stay active and fit. We're using this streak not only to motivate ourselves, but to hold other women in our community accountable to reach their fitness goals. Because that's what girlfriends are for, am I right? 

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Hit The Pool: Create A GREAT Swim Workout With These Tips

Are you considering running a triathlon or adding swimming to your fitness routine to stay in shape? No matter what your goal is, adding swimming to your workout rotation can benefit your body. In 'Hit The Swimming Pool With These 5 Tips', we caught up with Coach Kelsey to discuss a few key points about adding swimming to your workout routine. In this post, Kelcey discusses specific areas to focus on in the pool to reach your specific needs and goals.

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City Fit Girls' 30-Minute Core Workout [Plus Your Quick Guide to Strength Training]

If you're like most runners, you look forward to getting your miles in but dread the thought of strength training/cross training days. We get it. Aside from providing a perfect backdrop for your sweaty selfie, the gym doesn't really offer too much to get excited about. So, what should you do? 

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Yes, YOU Are A Runner!

In 2015, like every year since I was in middle school when I started to see my body spreading out in all sorts of uncomfortable ways – where did these hips and bum and breasts sprout from?! -  I made the New Year’s resolution to “lose weight”. It was a rote January function for me at this point to note this decision in my journal. Something seemed much more dire about the situation this year, though. At 313 pounds I had reached my heaviest weight yet and was becoming increasingly worried about the life of disability I was heading toward.

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Are You Drinking Enough Water To Avoid Dehydration?

You, yes even YOU can suffer from dehydration during your favorite outdoor bootcamp or Saturday long run. As temperatures rise in warmer months, you're likely to sweat a lot more than usual during your daily physical activities. Because of this increased sweating, it's really, really important that you fill your body with fluids before, during, and after your workout. 

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Hit The Swimming Pool With These 5 Tips

Whether you're looking to switch up your fitness routine or thinking about training for your first triathlon, hitting the pool for a few laps is a perfect way to diversify your training program. Swimming is a low-impact workout that can combines cardio and strength-training (hello abs!) -- making it ideal for those looking for an exciting workout in between running and weight lifting. City Fit Girls Ambassador and Swim Coach, Kelcey has been swimming competitively for 16 years. 

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Four Workouts You Should Be Doing

Ready to create a new fitness plan but not sure where to start? Great! Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, help you lose weight, and boost your self-esteem so deciding to create a plan is definitely a step in the right direction.

When creating your new plan, it's important to consider a few factors like time management, financial barriers, fitness likes/dislikes, and most importantly, your fitness goals. 

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Stay Fit While Traveling With These 4 Apps

Every year, over 40 million Americans travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. During this same time, many of us lose track of our fitness and nutrition goals by skipping workouts and indulging on desserts and turkey leftovers.

This year, we're giving you 4 of our favorite resources to help you stay fit during both holiday and business travel. 

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Find Time To Workout With These 5 Tips

We've heard the saying, "a 1-hour workout only takes up 4% of your day". Still, sometimes we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to exercise.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or work a traditional 9-5, making time in the day for physical activity may seem like a long-shot. We compiled this short list to help you find ways to squeeze physical activity into your busy routine.

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