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The LOVE Run Meet-Up & Cheer Zone [3/26]


The countdown is on and race week is finally here! This Sunday, over 30 City Fit Girls will be running in The Love Run Half-Marathon. The Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon course will start and finish at the Art Museum at Eakins Oval. Here are the meet-up details for runners and cheer zones.

Runners Meet-Up for Group Photo:

The run starts at 7:30 AM. We will meet at 7AM near the Rocky Statue and take our group photo at the Art Museum Steps. Please allow 5 minutes for other runners to show up. You will have about 25 additional minutes to use the bathroom and get in your corral. Please wear City Fit Girls gear if you have it. 

Runners Finisher Tent: We will have a City Fit Girls tent at the finish line. If you have any non-essential items (warm jacket and post run snack) that you'd like to leave at the tent, please feel free to do so. Please do not leave anything valuable at the tent because CGI Racing and City Fit Girls are not responsible for any damages or losses. 

City Fit Girls Cheering at the Philadelphia Half Marathon

City Fit Girls Cheering at the Philadelphia Half Marathon

Cheer Zone Meet-Up for City Fit Girls, Friends & Family: 

We will meet at the 5-mile mark (also 12.5ish mile) to cheer for all runners. Please arrive to the cheer zone between 8-8:15AM. The 5-mile mark is a short walk from the Art Museum (view photo below). Please bring signs, noise makers, and wear City Fit Girls gear if you have it. Please note that our cheer zone is rain or shine! 

Finishers tent: If you'd like to drop off snacks to the City Fit Girls tent near the finish line, please feel free to do so. 

For more information about The Love Run, click here