#WomenWhoFly: Everything You Need To Know About Hoka One One


By Takia McClendon

We had a chance to catch up with Lindsay, a Philadelphia-based tech rep for Hoka One One about what the brand has been up to and what makes their shoes different from some of our other favorites.

If you’ve never tried Hoka, you’ll have the chance to check them out at this year’s FitRetreat in Philadelphia. Keep reading to learn more!

City Fit Girls: What is Hoka One One?

Lindsay: HOKA ONE ONE was created with one goal in mind - make running easier. We do things differently, from the look of our shoes all the way to the technologies that make them possible.

City Fit Girls: What makes Hoka One One shoes different from other brands?

Lindsay: There are 3 main points that differentiate HOKA from other brands:

  • Cushioned Midsole - Varying in thickness according to need, HOKA's super light and cushioned midsoles offer shock absorption, comfort and support.

  • Meta Rocker - Meta-Rocker geometry, or wheels for your feet, drives the runner forward and complements the runner's normal gait cycle.

  • Active Foot Frame - The Active Foot Frame functions like a bucket seat in a race car by cradling the foot. It beds the heel and foot deeply into the midsole, offering guidance to the foot without the need for "posts" or other foot constrictions.

Tivra Lifestyle Image (resized).png

City Fit Girls: What shoes would you recommend to someone who is new to fitness/HIIT? How about long distance running?

Lindsay: I would recommend the Tivra to someone who is new to fitness/HIIT. The Tivra is a shoe designed for your most intense and dynamic training. This shoe is great for fitness classes, lifting, and running as it supports the foot for 360-degree movement.

For long distance running HOKA offers a variety of models varying in levels of support, cushion, and responsiveness. The Clifton 6 is a fan favorite for long distance running because it offers a luxurious amount of cushioning to keep your feet comfortable for long miles while weighing in at only 7.4 ounces.

City Fit Girls: Which Hoka One One shoes work best for trail running?

Lindsay: The Speedgoat 3 is HOKA's best selling trail shoe. It has a cushioned yet bouncy midsole that helps absorb impact points on the trail, an aggressive Vibram rubber outsole to prevent slipping, and a breathable upper. The torrent is a good option for someone looking for a more responsive feel.


City Fit Girls: How can we learn more about Hoka?

Lindsay: Learn more about HOKA through our Instagram page for inspirational stories, info about products, and more.

Also check out an amazing opportunity for women with HOKA's Women Who Fly Retreat.