A Peek Inside Location 215 [Your New Favorite Philly Event Venue]

Photo Credit: Location 215

Photo Credit: Location 215

By Takia McClendon

For our 7th year, FitRetreat will be returning to Arts & Crafts Holdings’ 990 Spring Garden in the Callowhill neighborhood. We’re excited to host you in the brand new Location 215, a women’s owned event venue and photography studio. We caught up with Nicole, one of the venue owners so that you can learn a little more about the space.

What's the story behind Location 215? What inspired you to open the space in Philadelphia?

Nicole: Jen and I have been photo producers for over 20 years.We found that we were taking clients out of Philadelphia because it didn't have a modern, clean white space that was easily accessible to shoot in or even hold events: a place that you could really make your own with each photo shoot and event. We said to ourselves, why not create this is Philadelphia?

What types of events do you typically enjoy hosting in the venue?

Nicole: We enjoy all kinds of events! Wellness, weddings, corporate events. Each one is different and we love the diversity that comes in with each event. We love that each event looks different because the space allows you to make it your own.

What's the best part about working with local companies, brides and organizations to produce events?

Nicole: It comes down to loving Philadelphia. There is such a mixture of cultures and people. It opens our minds and allows us to be creative when thinking through the logistics. The flexibility of our space allows for you to think and create.

How can people get in contact with you to rent the space? What type of events would you like to see?

Nicole: We love all events! Just give us a call @ 215-964-9659 or at contact@location215philly.com. Or, just stop by! 990 Spring Garden st. Suite 103.

Check out photos of previous events below! View more at location215.com/gallery.