Here's the Scoop on TONIC CBD Oils & Botanicals


By Takia McClendon

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in CBD oils in everything from our favorite food and beverages to lotion and other skincare products. While questions about it’s impact has been debated in the media, more and more people are interested in trying CBD oils to get the scoop for themselves.

That’s why we’re excited our friends from TONIC CBD Oils & Botanicals will be joining us at FitRetreat 2019 as our Official Recovery Lounge Sponsor! Read below to learn more about their brand!

What is Tonic CBD Oils & Botanicals?

Haylli: TONIC formulates plant-based wellness solutions for mind, body and soul. Handcrafted and grown in NY, TONIC’s small batch CBD+botanical blends use organic, sun-grown hemp flower with purposeful ingredients to help you restore your essential balance and #FixYourVibe. TONIC is focused on elevating the conversation around cannabis & wellness and empowering other women to rise up and claim space in this budding industry. TONIC is a self-sustaining company, using CBD sourced from the hemp grown on their organic family farm in upstate NY.

What should someone new to CBD know about your products?

Haylli: CBD is non-intoxicating, so our products offer the healing benefits of the cannabis plant without the high. All of our products are hand-poured in small batches, and third party lab testing is performed on every batch to ensure quality, purity and full transparency. Ideal dosing can be different from person to person because we all have unique Endocannabinoid Systems - the vast communication network found in all mammals that regulates major physiological functions in order to keep us in homeostasis, AKA the "Goldie Locks Zone" where everything is jussst right.

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What are the top three products you'd recommend to fitness enthusiasts?

Haylli: Definitely the Chronic roll-on - with 300mg CBD, MCT oil & menthol-based essential oils, the Chronic absorbs deep into your sore muscles to reduce inflammation and help to relieve pain. The OG is my favorite pre-workout tincture because the CBD/ashwagandha combination helps to regulate energy levels and mood, so it keeps my energy levels up and my head in the zone. Speaking of "zone", our new ZONE vaporizer is amazing for relieving stress and inflammation stored in the body and mind- and with the high bioavailability of inhaling CBD, the effects could be felt within a matter of minutes :)

What are the benefits / side effects (if any) of using Tonic CBD Oils?

Haylli: CBD works within our Endocannabinoid System to bring our bodies back to homeostasis- which could mean something very different from person to person. By adding black seed oil to the base of every blend, CBD's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-boosting effects are enhanced. The combined effects of CBD & ashwagandha in our OG blend help to alleviate anxiety/depression and increase focus, endurance & mental clarity. The restorative blend in our Chill dropper helps to relieve moderate-severe stress/anxiety, improves sleep, balances mood and calms the mind.

Always be mindful if you are combining CBD with pharmaceuticals because there could definitely be interactions with certain medications. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend speaking with your doctor first, but if they clear you for CBD, definitely stick with our Bare blends!

Want to know more about TONIC? Reach out to TONIC with questions at and/or DM them on Instagram!

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