Fitretreat 2017 class schedule

Looking forward to seeing you on August 19th at 8:15AM! Ladies, we'll start our morning with breakfast provided by Melanie's Medleys during registration. Rock out to the sounds of DJ G33k, meet new friends, try on a pair of Nike shoes and get ready for our 9AM 'Fit' sessions.

Each time slot will have 2-3 workouts ranging from low-impact to high-impact to accommodate all fitness levels. P.S. Please bring a yoga mat if you need one!

Sessions marked 'Space is Limited' will be open for registration during the morning of the event! We can't wait to sweat with you! #FitRetreatPHL


8:15 - 8:45 AM : FitRetreat Registration & Breakfast with Melanie's Medleys

8:45 AM: FitRetreat Kick-Off


9:00-9:45 AM

Live and Lit with The Lions

This will be a fully interactive, high-energy, strength, conditioning and cardio blast that will energize you and set the tone for the day. "The Lions" combine HIIT (high intensity interval training), active recovery and dynamic bodyweight movements with the perfect blend of beats that will make you want to dance throughout the whole experience. 

Instagram: @gwifitness @itrainwithwayne

9:00 -9:45 AM

The BPM Bootcamp

Get ready to work your entire body in this session led by Shoshana Katz and Erin Moffitt of Philly's new cycling and trx studio, BPM Fitness. Both of these ladies have been working in the fitness industry as Personal Trainers and Instructors since 2010. Expect 4 minute AMRAPS and Tabata rounds that will leave you breathless, sweaty, and smiling from ear to ear. 


9:00 -9:45 AM

Yoga Body, Warrior Mind
Tracey Coretta combines a powerful vinyasa yoga flow and mindfulness teachings into this yoga class. Explore how breathing, balancing, stretching, and alignment provide the ideal opportunity to apply strengthening your body and mind. She'll guide you in an active movement practice, as well as a mini dharma talk to help you awaken the warrior within. This yoga class is suitable for all levels.

Instagram: @tracey_coretta 


10:00 - 10:45 AM

Guns, Buns, and Lots of Fun! 

Sweat it out in Rosie's heart pumping fun conditioning workout that's going to target and tone those guns and buns!  You don't want to miss this high energy session that's bound to leave you smiling! Rosie is the COO and coach at Fit Tribe, a growing gym and fitness community in the Philadelphia area.  She provisionally qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 10k on the track in 2012 and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for triathlons.  A serious back injury and successful surgery led her to redirect goals to focus more on coaching and sharing her love for everything fitness, nutrition, and inspiration.  

Instagram: @coach_rosie 

10:00 - 10:45 AM

Restorative Yoga with Caitlin

Restorative Flow incorporates a slow and steady vinyasa flow designed to lengthen muscles, stretch deeply, and connect to your breath through smooth, fluid, and slow moving transitions. After the body is warm, settle into Yin yoga postures, longer held poses designed to target fascia and deep muscle tissues. This yoga class is suitable for all levels.

Instagram: @ckyoga

10:00 - 10:45 AM

Barre with Megan G from Y2B Fit

This session will build strength for a runner’s most chronically stressed areas: the hips, hamstrings, and calves. We’ll focus on joint stability and relieving the stress of repetitive movement by focusing specifically on working the core, the hip flexors, and adductors. An additional focus on hamstring and calf strength will build speed and can help correct form issues. 

Instagram: @itsmegang @y2bfitstudio  

10:00 - 10:45 AM

Nike Shoe Lab: Your Story, Your Design

Ever wonder what it's like to design a shoe for Nike? Or maybe your favorite shoe never comes in a colorway that represents you. In this interactive workshop, Patrick, a Nike Tech Rep, will teach participants storytelling through design. You'll collaborate with a small team to customize shoes in NikeID and pitch the storytelling aspect of your product to the group. There will be a prize for the winning team. 

** Space is limited. 


11:00 - 11:45 AM

Double Shot [Abs & Butt]: 

A tag team workout hosted by Freehouse Fitness that will sculpt and tone your abs and glutes from every angle! Full body moves will start you off feeling strong and sweaty as we lunge, twist and squat with creative ab and butt exercises on your feet. Then it’s time for a butt-sculpting series on the mat featuring a heavy resistance band that will make you feel the burn! And we’ll finish with a fun variety of ab sculpting moves that will strengthen and tone every muscle in your core.

*Space is limited.

Instagram: @freehousefitness 

Phillys best.png

11:00-11:45 AM

Fit Academy's Fit Blitz 'Bootcamp'

Workout with Osayi Osunde, the Owner Fit Academy, fitness model, and former NFL football player.  He focuses his training sessions on engaging his clients, connecting people, and motivating them through a variety of fitness modalities that are fun yet challenging. Osayi believes fitness is both mental and physical and lives by the motto, "Think Fit/ Live Fit". 

Instagram: @osunde23 @fitacademyphl 


11:00 - 11:45 AM

Nike Shoe Lab: Your Story, Your Design

Ever wonder what it's like to design a shoe for Nike? Or maybe your favorite shoe never comes in a color-way that represents you. In this interactive workshop, Patrick, a Nike Tech Rep, will teach participants storytelling through design. You'll collaborate with a small team to customize shoes in NikeID and pitch the storytelling aspect of your product to the group. There will be a prize for the winning team. 

**Space is limited.


Core Hydration Station: Our friends at Core Water will keep you hydrated throughout the day. 

Instagram: @core #phillytothecore, #perfectlybalanced 

Joy - Head Shots_225-2.jpg

Brunch So Hard: After a morning full of fitness, it's time to settle down with brunch, boozy cocktails, networking and tunes provided by DJ G33k. 

Did someone say Brunch Tacos? Yes, please! Chef Joy Parham-Thomas will be dishing up a brunch buffet to help you recover from your morning sessions. Think endless tortilla shells with all the breakfast fillings - scrambled eggs, scrambled tofu, sweet potatoes, chips, salsa and more. And guess what? Guacamole isn't extra.

Chef Joy Parham-Thomas is a local Private Chef and Caterer, owner of Urban Country, Chef Instructor for Ambrosia's Kitchen, and Hells Kitchen Season 12 Finalist.

Instagram: @chefjoyparham


QC Malt: Our friends at QC Malt will be serving up some boozy cocktails to complement brunch. 

Mimosas: It isn't brunch if there are no mimosas. 

*If you plan to do any afternoon workouts, we'll keep the bar open until after your session is over. Win-win. *

Instagram: @qcmalt


Nonalcoholic drinks will also be available. You will be able to purchase juice from RIJuice throughout the day! 


1:00 - 1:45 PM

Empowerment Series: Mental Health - The Wellspring of Wellness

Wellness isn't just about maintaining a healthy body; it's also about maintaining a sound mind. Individual and Relationship Therapist Alanna Gardner, MFT will be discussing the impact that mental and emotional health plays in our everyday lives and relationships. Alanna will also be offering ways to help positively impact your mental and emotional health to improve your quality of life. 

Alanna Gardner, MFT is a Marriage and Family Therapist with Philadelphia MFT in Center City Philadelphia. 

Instagram: @Alannagthemft


1:00 - 1:45 PM

Empowerment Series: Building Your Brand with Melissa Alam

Looking for tips to grow your brand or blog, promote your side hustle, or "put yourself out there"? You'll definitely want to attend this session. 

Melissa Alam is the Founder & CEO of Femme & Fortune, a digital platform and creative marketing agency for the modern, ambitious woman. Her mission is empower women to create businesses around their passions and turn ideas into impact and income.

Instagram: @ringthealam


1:00 - 1:45 PM

Flexibility & Mobility: Running BioHacks

Proper running form is a balance of strength, mobility, and stability. In this workshop you will learn quick tips on how to "hack" or  increase your running/training performance through barefoot science, core activation, and hip stabilization exercises. All levels of athletes are welcome. Veronica started her career as a fitness professional in 2008 as a personal trainer, working in corporate fitness and eventually transitioned to her own fitness facility in 2012. In 2015 Veronica decided to further her education and entered the Athletic Training program at Temple University.

Instagram: @Vdilzer 


2:00 - 2:45 PM 

Skincare Inside Out: Facials with Duross & Langel 

Duross & Langel offers natural bath, soap, and skin care products made right in their downtown salon. Wind down from the day while we talk about easy skin care rituals using natural products and ingredients and foods, teas and other rituals that support healthy, glowing skin.

Instagram: @durossandlangel

2:00 - 2:45 PM

Meditation with Caitlin

Caitlin returns in the afternoon with a 45-minute mediation session. Meditation gets a bad rap sometimes. It isn't always sitting completely still, letting your mind go blank, then something "magical" happens. Meditation can be as simple as just breathing and BEing. Being where you are, with your body and focusing on your breath. Wind down for the day with a simple, beginner friendly guided meditation to help you relax tired muscles and find your breath after a morning of working hard. Join Caitlin for progressive muscle relaxation, calming visualizations and a chance to set intentions and goals for the next day, month, or year! 

Instagram: @ckyoga


2:00 - 2:45 PM

Empowerment Series: Let's Talk About Body Positivity

If you've ever felt like you're getting in your own way, it stops with this session. City Fit Girls Co-Founder, Kiera Smalls, wants to have an honest and open conversation about how we respect ourselves, regardless of our shapes, in a world where we're told not to. This will be an interactive, judgement-free zone to unpack some of the misconceptions we put on ourselves or allow others to put on us.

It stops with this session. 

Instagram: @KieraSmalls 

2:45 - 3:00 PM: Closing Session - Let's end on a positive note. There's a lot to take in at FitRetreat and we want you to leave the space feeling better than you did when you walked in. Connect with the group one last time for a final closing. 

This schedule is final. We're looking forward to sweating with you on August 19th!