City Fit Girls Run Club Frequently Asked Questions

I am NOT a "serious" runner. Can I still join this group? Yes. City Fit Girls Group Runs are open to everyone. Our only requirement is that you are able to finish a 3-mile RUN. No runner is ever left behind. If you're still a walker, check out this article

I run at a “slow pace”. Can I still come to group runs? Yes. City Fit Girls Run Club is open to women of ALL pace levels. Our group runs attract women who are training for their first 5k and women who are completing their 2nd or 3rd marathon. We are seriously committed to being an all levels, all paces group.

But, I'm worried I'll be the slowest runner in the group. Will everyone leave me? No. You'll be fine. City Fit Girls group runs are open to women of all pace levels - as long as you're running, you're good. Remember, no runner left behind.

I walk a lot, can I still come? Well we're technically a running club so you should be able to run 3 miles before you join us.

I don't know anybody in this group. Should I feel nervous? Nope. Our community was created to be a resource for women to meet other women who are working towards similar running and fitness goals. City Fit Girls Group Runs are a great chance for you to meet new people, get new running partners and make lifelong friends.

Is there a place to put my bags?: City Fit Girls will not provide a place for you to check your bags.

So, what should I bring to the run?: We abide by the rules set forth by Road Runners Club of America. Please bring identification and your cell phone along the run and water if you need it. For your safety and for the safety of other women in the group, the use of headphones during City Fit Girls Group Runs are NOT ALLOWED. 

Can I bring my dog to this group run? As much as we love your pup, she's going to have to sit this one out. Dogs are not allowed at City Fit Girls Group Runs.

Is there parking?: If you have to drive, there is limited paid on-street parking in the area. If you have access to public transportation or a bike share program, that's probably your best bet!

Do you run during the winter? Of course we do! It’s usually pretty dark so wear warm, high visibility clothing.

I love this community so much! Can I do more to get involved? Yes! Be sure you are signed up for emails so that you can find out about events. We are always looking for women to help lead group runs and contribute to our blog. Shoot us an email at info @ cityfitgirls [dot] com.

I don’t live in Philadelphia, can I still be involved? Absolutely! Most of the women in our network are active via our e-mail membership, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please share your fitness and running photos using the hashtag #cityfitgirls.