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We get it. In the midst of focusing on your career, studying for exams, maintaining your relationships and maybe even starting a family, fitness and wellness may take a back seat when it comes to your long list of priorities. It also doesn't help that navigating fitness information online can be very confusing and contradicting. 

"How many days should I workout?"

"How do I start running?"

"Will people judge me for not being 'good' enough?"

We've been in your shoes and these are all valid questions. In fact, when we (Kiera and Takia) started our fitness and running journeys, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. After starting the City Fit Girls community, we were able to reach our fitness goals and connect with thousands of passionate people along the way.

In addition to connecting with a motivating community for women of all fitness levels, we realized that many City Fit Girls were also looking for online resources to stay fit throughout the week. That's why we created a weekly training newsletter that makes it easy for you to be healthy.  

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What happens when I sign up? We thought you'd never ask. By signing up, you'll get a weekly (Monday - Sunday) training schedule that includes the following:

  • Healthy recipes from around the web to make meal planning super easy (Need we say more?)
  • Curated workouts - including low impact core workouts, runs, and high-intensity workouts to keep you on track during the week. 
  • Podcasts and articles to enjoy on your commute or on your rest day (Yes, you need a rest day)
  • New in 2018! Free access to our training plans and guides. 
  • The latest training content via

Still not sure what to expect? You can check out our newsletter archive here. 

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